Latest Studies Show There Is a Link Between Alzheimer’s and Our Food

The latest research on degenerative diseases such as Lou Gehrig’s, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases and the results were shocking. Apparently, there is a link between a protein in the food we eat and all the diseases above.

Latest Studies Show There Is a Link Between Alzheimer’s and Our Food

A protein called TDP-43 in our food has a behavior of toxic and infectious proteins know as prions. Prions are deserved for brain damage that is happening in Chronic Wasting Disease and Mad Cow disease.

When it comes to Mad Cow disease, it affects the brain tissue of a cow, while Chronic Wasting Disease can be found in elk, deer, and moose.

“Prions are misshapen yet durable versions of proteins normally present in nerve cells that cause like proteins to misfold and clump together, starting a chain reaction that eventually consumes entire brain regions. In the past 15 years, scientists have learned that such a process may be at work not only in mad cow and other exotic diseases but also in major neuro-degenerative disorders”, stated researcher.

About half Alzheimer’s have these prions like proteins and study from 2011 showed that TDP-43 is found in 25-50% patients.

How Does TDP-43 End Up in Someone’s System?

The shocking fact is that natural herbivores are forced to consume parts of other animals as part of their diet and that links Chronic Wasting Disease and Mad Cow Disease. Another fact is that this protein is bred into many livestock animals, and commonly the ones that have been raised in confined animal feeding operations (CAFO’s).

Devastating truth is what we eat in restaurants, and that is meat from CAFO’s livestock.

If you are wondering what is CAFO’s, well, it is a huge warehouse facility where employees feed animals with unnatural diet (genetically engineered grains with glyphosate mixed with antibiotic). Also, a lot of food contains animal byproducts so these animals are actually cannibalizing. In the end, prions end up in our food causing degenerative diseases.