How To Make Garden Natural Fertilizer From Banana Peels!

Your favorite bananas are not only extremely healthy fruit for you, but they are also a source of nutrients for your plants – take a look on how to make a natural fertilizer for green house pets and the garden!

How To Make Garden Natural Fertilizer From Banana Peels!

Believe it or not, most banana peels people get rid of, end up in trash cans! This is completely unjustifiable.

If you have a beautiful garden and plants that need additional care we recommended that next time you eat a banana you save the peel and give a treat to your garden!

It is broadly known that bananas are a source of calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium and it has multiple benefits for our organism, but here is how these minerals can affect soil and plants.

Find out why you shouldn’t throw out banana and orange peels.

Potassium: it helps the plant get stronger and develop resistance towards pests, and it is especially important for the growth of ferns.

Phosphorus: it strongly affects the growth of fruits of flowers.

Calcium: it is the most important mineral in the soil because it makes possible for the soil to get oxygen.

To get your plants and your garden these necessary minerals, we suggest you make a fertilizer from the banana peel.

Leave the peel to dry, blend it and put it in water. You will get a mix that is like a milkshake that your plants will love.

A simpler alternative is to slice up the peel and burry it in the ground around the plants or pour it over the area that you have plans of planting in the future. You can dry it out and collect a bigger amount and then do the procedure.