These Mistakes Can Nullify the Results From Exercising!

If you regularly exercise and you still don’t see any results, do not give up! Be careful in revising your plan of exercise and carefully see if there are any shortcomings you have not noticed.

These Mistakes Can Nullify the Results From Exercising!

These are some of the most common mistakes we make when exercising:

Great expectations

Many women decide to go at the gym with plans to exercise a month or two and lose around 10 lbs, or take away few inches of confection numbers. This, unfortunately, does not work so easily. Exercising should be a lifestyle and not a temporary activity before the beginning of the summer. Regular exercise will bring results, but you have to be consistent and motivated.

Irregular exercise

If you look for excuses and give up the exercise in a certain period, you will lose the rhythm of regularity. It is wrong to think that if you didn’t go to the gym for 2 weeks, you will be able to compensate with a strong, aggressive training and double series of exercise. You will only risk to over-force yourself which leads to high blood pressure, increased work of the heart, dehydration, loss of oxygen etc. Balance is required.

You start the training without warming up

If you exclude warm-up this can result in injuries and less effects.

To get rid of the belly, you need to do exercises for abs

We all know that if you don’t lose excessive fats from the belly, there will be no flat stomach. Getting rid of fat layers requires more than just abs exercise. It is necessary to do cardio and decrease calories intake.

Weight scale

What the weight scale shows should be important and motivational, but don’t expect results every day. The exercises for strengthening of the body can show results in your looks, without seeing it in the pounds number. It is best to see the clothes to grade you effective is your training, or to simple see how you feel.

Avoiding lifting weights

Many women are scared of too many muscles if they lift weights and that is why they avoid it and just do cardio. But, every training needs to be balanced, which means that cardio is also necessary as is the weight lifting. Women have naturally less testosterone than men, and that is why moderate weight lifting cannot make women too muscly. If the body has a large muscle mass it will burn more calories even when not moving. That is why you should not skip weight lifting.

Start with cardio and then do weights and resistance

Wrong. You should always start with exercise with weights and resistance, because if not you risk to lose the energy. For a balanced training, start with 10 minutes with warm up and continue with 20-30 minutes of weight lifting or resistance equipment and finish with 20-30 minutes of cardio.

Practicing the same fitness plan for a long time

It is very important to have a fitness plan when exercising, but it is also important to update and develop this plan. If you have a routine, the body will get used to it and will start burning less calories. Those same exercises that bring results in the beginning will lose the efficiency after some time. So – make different exercises and increase the intensity.