Mixture That Takes Care Of Excessive Cholesterol And High Blood Pressure!

According to some research biggest number of deaths occur because of heart conditions, no matter the gender. The biggest causes are cholesterol and blood pressure. If these too are within the normal limits the possibility of heart attack or something similar is significantly decreased. Changing a lifestyle might be a hard task, but it is for sure worth doing it. Healthy habits lead to healthy life.

Mixture That Takes Care Of Excessive Cholesterol And High Blood Pressure!

There is a so-called “miracle mixture” that can be of huge help if you suffer from high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Moreover, experiences from people that have used it tell us it is very helpful and very important that these ingredients within the mixture are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, and clean out the body from any piled toxins. The consumption is best to be done before a meal and the mixture is pretty easy to make. All you will need are five ingredients that usually all of us already have at home. So, one table spoon before eating should be showing the results in almost no time!

Mix all of the following items in a blender:

  • half squeezed lemon
  • one table spoon apple cider vinegar
  • a half teaspoon of ginger that you have already grated
  • one chopped garlic clove and one tbs of honey (make it be organic)

Store the mixture in a glass container. Make sure it is refrigerated. The consumption lasts until the desired effects.

How do the ingredients work?

Garlic is a natural antioxidant that lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and will protect you from heart attack since what it does is making your blood thinner. Honey also helps with cholesterol and blood pressure. One more important thing it helps with, is the level of the sugar in your blood. Ginger is great in eliminating plaque from the arteries, and reducing cholesterol. When it comes to the vinegar, this helps for all three: sugar, cholesterol and pressure.

If this mixture has a too strong flavor for your taste, you can add some water and make it more bearable! What you could do beside this, is put it into a smoothie, making consumption much more satisfying and easier.

Furthermore, the next tips have been proved to help regarding the aforementioned problems and you sohuld try to include them in your daily or weekly routine:

  • Aerobic exercises for about half an hour few times a day
  • Consumption of only dark chocolate (make sure it doesn’t happen too often)
  • Fruit and veggies! These should take a large part of your diet
  • Reduce stress and make time for yourself everyday – just to relax
  • Men can drink up to 2 glasses per day, and women one glass of wine.
  • Absolutely no cigarettes
  • Avoid preserved food with additives and sodium, sugar or “bad” fats.