A Recipe for Everything: Cholesterol, Immunity, Cleansing Arteries and Many More!

The recipe provided is an old one, originating from Germany and will help with your overall health.

A Recipe for Everything: Cholesterol, Immunity, Cleansing Arteries and Many More!

What you will need for preparation is lemon, garlic and ginger.

Lemon as you probably know is full with Vitamin C. It boost immunity, normalizing the pH balance and it is a way of prevention of diseases.

Garlic is like a natural antibiotic having antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral powers. Allicin, produced when the garlic is chopped, and the benefits garlic offers are mostly because of this compound.

And ginger, ginger is quite strong too. The ingredients within are salicyte, gingerols, beta – carotene, capsaicin, curcumin etc. It can be used for battling inflammation, all sort of diseases, problems with digestion and for pain to.

The Ingredients of the Almighty Recipe:

  • 6 oz of filtered water
  • 6 inch ginger root
  • four lemons
  • four garlic cloves

Preparation of the Almighty Recipe

Make sure the lemons are clean and cut them. Next, clean the ginger and the garlic. Blend all of these. What you should get is almost liquid mixture. Afterwards, place the mixture in a pan, warm the mixture, and after its warm, add water. Let the mixture boil a bit, and remove from heat. Keep this mixture refrigerated in glass containers.

How to consume the remedy

The best way is to consume it every morning, before eating. If you want, you can consume it before you go to bed (two hours ahead), but make sure it is on an empty stomach.

If you are worried for the strong taste or smell, no need to be! Since you cook the ingredients, the flavors and aromas are significantly milder.

Shake well before you consume it and enjoy the health in a cup!