Eat Dates and Prevent Heart Diseases, Lower Your Pressure and Cholesterol

Dates are one of the healthiest foods on the planet and if you want to have great health without any heart problems, dates are the way to go.

Eat Dates and Prevent Heart Diseases, Lower Your Pressure and Cholesterol

This amazing food will help you deal with a lot of health problems, and here are the top 6 date benefits.

  1. Prevent diarrhea

Since they are rich in potassium, dates are excellent in stopping diarrhea. This ingredient heals and protects the intestinal flora and helps intestines to make more beneficial bacteria.

  1. Protect heart

If you want to have a strong and healthy heart, I recommend eating dates. Just soak them in water overnight and strain them in the morning and remove seeds. Blend those seeds with water and drink throughout the day.

  1. Lowering risk of stroke

Dates will decrease the risk of stroke and that is because they are full of potassium. About 400 mg of potassium or more can lower the risk of stroke by 40%.

  1. Regulate blood pressure

Since they have potassium in them, dates will balance blood pressure levels. Five or six dates contain about 80 milligrams of magnesium and magnesium expands blood vessels and boosts circulation. That means that about 370 mg of magnesium will lower your blood pressure.

  1. Maintain body weight

If you want to prevent excess fat build up, you can eat dates. Keep in mind that eating them on an empty stomach will give you the best result. Dates don’t contain any cholesterol and because of that, they are prefect for those who want to prevent weight gain.

  1. Deal with constipation

You can use dates for treating diarrhea, as well as treating constipation. This is all because of potassium. Put dates in clean water and in the morning drink the dissolved juice and your bowel will work like a charm.