The Golden Rules of Stretching

Combine streching with other types of physical activity. Training should be regular and energetic, then they will bring you good results.

The Golden Rules of Stretching


  •  Before stretching muscles, you must be sure to warm up – running, sit-ups, training on a stationary bike and jumping rope.
  •  Do stretching slowly and carefully. In no case did not spring.
  •  Breathe deeply and hold your breath. It is best to breathe calmly. During a short break between exercises can take a deep breath and make a full exhalation.
  •  Do not ever chase for quick results. Do not allow pain to become acute. You should feel a slight tension.
  •  Relax, when stretching is performed. You can even close my eyes to get more feeling of relaxation.
  •  The duration of retention of each pose should be about 20 seconds.
  •  The correctness of the exercise is more important than how much you stretch the muscles and joints.

Benefits of Stretching …

– Slows down in our body processes associated with aging;
– Improves circulation;
– Gives the body energy;
– Makes the figure more slender;
– Results in muscle tone;
– Increases the flexibility of the joints;
– Is an excellent prevention against salt deposits;
– Improves posture;
– Reduces the risk of injury when doing other sports;
– Relieves stress;