Birch Water – Latest Healthy Trend

What will mostly likely become a healthy trend is the natural energy drink – birch water.

Birch Water – Latest Healthy Trend

This sort of water offers all kinds of benefits to your body. Full with vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids (zinc, magnesium, iron, sodium phosphorus, and potassium), this drink is like a DIY elixir. It is sort of sweet, a bit thick beverage that has a taste like a light maple syrup. The best part is that this beverage is highly detoxifying. The following reasons will make you want to prepare it until tonight.


If you are trying to lose weight this drink will be a blast for you. The detoxifying effect it has, is eliminating accumulated compounds that the body keeps quarantined onto fat. This is the body’s way of protecting itself, unless you eliminate the hazardous salt, ammonia, phosphates etc. and this is exactly what this tonic does – IT ELIMINATES THEM!

One women used the tonic to help her lose pounds, and she claimed that not only she lost weight, but her skin was more beautiful and she felt energized! Her recommendation is to drink ¾ of a cup a day, before eating. Do this continuously for up to 6 weeks.


Nutritionists that have done research on birch water say that since it eliminates toxins, naturally glowing skin is the result. What makes it even better is that you can use it externally. Improving skin flexibility is just one more plus.


Saponin has been proved to be of help when it comes to lowering cholesterol levels. This compound is found in the birch, which makes the tonic great for this purpose.


Another plus because of antioxidant properties. The liver has less work, since the birch is doing half of it, thus improving overall liver health!


Candice Van Eeden is a nutritionist that has proved this tonic’s benefits regarding pain in the joints. If there is a buildup of uric acid, this toxic compound can even create arthritis, and that is when the birch water rolls in! If drank on a regular basis, the tonic can eliminate the toxins and prevent pain from happening. It can also be applied externally. If used this way, steam a few birch leaves, mash them and apply. This will get you pain relief and stop the swelling.


Some of the Native American tribes have used birch on wounds to accelerate the healing process. It seems like they were right doing so, since birch stimulates the migration of cells as well as creation of new ones, thus making the wound close faster.


Keeping in mind how stressful it is for some people to go to the dentist, there is a need of something easier, something pain free for treatment or even prevention of cavity. Birch water consumption promotes oral health because of xylitol – natural sugar known for cavity prevention.


First of all, make sure there are birch trees around you. You can get the sap in any season except when the temperature is freezing. Although there are many different kinds, you can use any of them. Try to see if the plant is healthy and has a diameter circa ten inches. Getting the sap out is simple, you just need a drill and a container to collect the sap. Find a place on the tree that is three feet from the base, and drill at an angle that is upwards. Go about 1½ inches deep. Sap will slowly start to come out and it is good to use some kind of tubing. when it comes out of the tube, make sure it goes into the container. Protect the container from bugs. It can take awhile to collect the sap. Collect until the color is not clear any longer.

When you try it, the taste will be almost like water but a bit more sweet. After collected, make sure you refrigerate the sap and consume it fast, until it is still fresh.